Startups: Business Development Consulting

Business development consulting for startups is a service lasting 1 / 2d or 1d. Adaptation of business strategy consulting to the specificities of startups, this allows you to find the best practices for your young company to boost its business development by defining the areas of business strategy and prioritizing the business actions to be carried out.

Concept of Business Development Consulting for Startups

Business development consulting for startups is a short-term service that allows leaders of young companies and their sales force, regardless of its size, to have an authority outside view on their situation and their objectives, and allows to gain in efficiency in commercial development. eXcial lets you benefit from its experience through a 4-step, simple and effective methodology, the 4 E’s method:


You present us your current situation:

  • Pitch of your startup
  • Big numbers
  • Sales force and distribution
  • Services and Competitive Position
  • Development wishes
  • Methodology considered
  • Markets envisaged


  • Question / answer phase
  • Understanding of opportunities and threats
  • Confrontation of ideas
  • Challenge of your wishes and envisaged methodologies
  • Scenarios / role plays
  • Brainstorming on ideas for improvement

Expertise and Advice

  • We indicate the imperative or desirable points of improvement
  • We give you our ideas of strategic axes and actions to put in place


  • We evaluate all the ideas together
  • We establish together your new strategic axes and commercial objectives
  • We establish together priority actions to be implemented
  • We prioritize together the synthetic list of these actions
  • You just have to follow the strategy and develop the activity of your startup

This service will guide you in establishing a more effective business strategy. It will already allow you to consolidate some of your choices or offer you innovative development axes and an adapted sales organization.